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Harold Halliday

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Office Location: 102F T1
Phone: 713-743-1827
Email: hhalliday@uh.edu

Harold was born and raised in Ireland.  He earned his double major bachelor’s degree in Economics and Accounting, with honors from the University of Ulster, then spent some time traveling as a “mochilaro” through central and south America.  “That was probably one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  I got to eat and travel like the local people, scratched the surface of their culture and saw many incredible things.  From the Maya ruines in central America, to going down the amazon river, to carnival in Rio to Foz de Iguacu to hiking an Inca trail in Bolivia, it was all wonderful.  My only regret was running out of money, and I didn’t get to see Machu Picchu ”  After that trip Harold settled in Houston, where he worked as a junior internal auditor for a subsidiary company of Baker Hughes.  He was eventually laid off, and went to live in Mexico for a little over a year.   Since his return to Houston, he has worked as a general cashier and restaurant manager, and 14 years ago started working for printing services at the University of Houston. “I took to printing from the very start, and very much enjoy the craft.  It has amazed me how new technologies have revolutionized the industry since the advent of computers, and I am delighted to share my knowledge of printing with anyone who cares to listen.”